#008 | Performance Update

Better week that #007 - Part of the game!

Gentle Disclaimer

The complete idea behind this newsletter is not to make you think of it as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. If you’re reading this, you have already gone through the description and the disclaimer in detail.

Also, this is the effort of multiple stakeholders involved with Alpha Swing. My job is to hit send.

Let’s dive in.

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Buy not triggered on Vodafone Idea, as discussed in the newsletter.

For Apollo Tyres, the sell was not initiated since there was upward bullish bias.

All in all, a decent week - the first week was off to a flying start, the next week not that much. All a part of the game.

Always remember, keep your stop losses, risk management and position sizing intact.

The focus should be to keep the losses small and the gains high.


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