#018 | US Stocks

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The complete idea behind this newsletter is not to make you think of it as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. If you’re reading this, you have already gone through the description and the disclaimer in detail.

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Datadog Inc.

In the weekly charts, we can see that Datadog Inc. has been taking support at the marked region and is now supported with Volume Shelf.

This adds a bullish bias for us for the stock.

DDOG: bouncing from multiple supports, volume shelf support too, can reach towards 120 till we are above 74.

Darling International Inc.

In the daily charts, DI has formed a converging triangle which is also supported with volume shelf.

This gives us bullish bias for the stock.

Dar, breaking out from triangle and bouncing off volume shelf too. Can move towards 80 levels.

(Volume Shelf is an exclusive feature available only on Trendspider.)