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Indian Swing Trades

In this week’s edition we talk about three interesting stocks from three different sectors - Consumer Durables, Optical Fibre & Agricultural space.

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The Company has a small share in the white goods space in India and it’s operating profit has been declining for the last three quarters on account of increase in both material cost and employee costs.

The company had also taken on debt last year for capex but it has come down on account of movement in working capital.

Guess the stock.

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Atlassian Corporation PLC

$TEAM looking good here as it bounces off the volume shelf and breaks out of the horizontal resistance zone into new highs along with positive MACD.

The stock has emerged out of the marked level and is also supported by Volume Shelf.

(Volume Shelf is an exclusive feature available only on Trendspider.)

Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Attached chart is self-explanatory.

$PXD is looking good here but please note that this has yet to give a pole and flag breakout.

It looks like it can give a breakout now but we will still wait for the confirmation ( that is, a bullish candle close above the upper trendline of the flag ) It is supported by the volume shelf too which indicates that it can give a breakout and should not go down from here now.

This gives us a bullish bias for the stock.

Have you checked out our Indian Stocks Newsletter for this week?

We have now started a small section with a short fundamental take on the stock.

Click here to check out this week’s edition.

Indian Swing Trades


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