We hosted our first Live Chat.

Did you enjoy?

Hey Folks!

Ever since we started this, our endeavour has been very simple.

We wanted to build a community that was passionate about trading and wanted to do this logically rather than doing things based on ‘What X said or What Y is talking about’.

Wait? Another Subscription Service? Aren’t there already 10,000 people giving ‘Tips’?

This is how we are different -

  1. Most of the advisory services have a ‘skin in the game’ that prompts you to trade more so that they can keep earning their brokerage share

  2. We don’t share Tips or ‘Guaranteed Returns’ ideas because frankly, we think even Jerome Powell (the US Fed Chairman) can time the markets

  3. We intend to keep things two-way and not one-way to ensure the community is built ground-up and make this experience interactive and fulfilling

  4. From time to time, we keep sharing nuggets of wisdom to help you make better at this craft, day in and day out.

Harneet is a full time trader whereas I am someone who is still trying to take a crack at this art. While I am always more involved on the ‘fundamental side’ of things, at Alpha Swing, I take care of operations and outreach.

Sharing with you a small snippet from ‘Behind The Scenes’ for our very first Live Chat.

So what did we discuss in our very first call?

  1. How to plan exits from trades by using multiple live examples

  2. How to approach fundamental analysis once the stock has maybe gone up 2x/3x

  3. Using Technical indicators in longer time frames